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Dear Friends & Neighbors,
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Recently, there has been much discussion around an amendment that I submitted to SB226. It is unfortunate that it has been portrayed as an attempt to drive Uber and other TNCs out of Nevada. That is categorically untrue.

During my terms as Assemblyman for Assembly District 18 I have proposed many bills that were in the interest of protecting the consumer, and this amendment was intended to do the same.

The first part of the amendment would require TNC drivers to obtain a permit from the Nevada Transportation Authority and to affix the permit to the vehicle along with the logo of the TNC that they are driving for. This permit would be free to the driver and was intended to deter unscrupulous persons from downloading a logo and impersonating a TNC driver in order to offer rides for cash. There have already been reports of this happening and I feel it is important to find an avenue to prevent it from occurring in the future and provide riders the added security and peace of mind about the car they are getting into.

The second portion of the amendment would put in place a requirement of higher minimums of insurance coverage for bodily injury and death. The limits specified in the amendment vary depending on whether there are passengers in the vehicle or not. The amendment does not specify whether it is the TNC or the driver who would be responsible for carrying the insurance, only that one or the other must carry the insurance. Admittedly, the limits are high due to the fact that in any situation where a car is being hired to drive someone to and from a destination, there are many times multiple people in the vehicle.

The safety and welfare of our citizens is always my first priority.This session alone, I have sponsored and been a proponent for seat belts on school buses, keeping mopeds in the right hand lane of large thoroughfares, protecting Nevadans from unfair business practices, stopping bullying in schools, and adding additional provisions to enhance the lives of Nevadans with disabilities.

The conversation and work on SB226 is not over and I am continuing to work with the sponsor and stakeholders to find a reasonable and equitable solution that meets the needs of TNCs, their drivers, and most importantly, their customers.

Richard Carrillo


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