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Our budget continues to be one of our state's biggest concerns, although some progress has been made, more work is ahead of us. We need rebuild our "rainy day" fund to offset any future unexpected downturns. This is important to ensure that even if there is an economic downturn again, necessary services are not cut.


As a father and a grandfather, I understand the need for a quality education. As Nevada attracts more and more diverse industries, we must be committed to providing our children with an education that will adequately prepare them for the jobs of the future. We must also focus on developing job training to ensure our current workforce has the opportunity to explore new career paths. We must also consider ways to make college and trade school affordable and accessible to all who wish to pursue post secondary education.

Job Creation

Much has been accomplished over the past five to six years to bring down the jobless rate and put people back to work. It is essential that we not stop looking for new and stable industries to do business here that will employ Nevadans. As we continue to diversify, this will bolster tourism, spur small business creation, as well as creating construction jobs, putting more Nevadans back to work.

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