Richard Carrillo Has Strived for Cleaner and Safer Neighborhoods

From covering up graffiti to helping seniors in our community, Richard is the first not to say Yes! That is why Richard wanted to be on the Whitney Town Board to preserve the neighborhoods. "I'm about creating industry, but their is a place for it and if this is what the people do not want in their neighborhoods then I will fight for them, and I will strive for cleaner and safer neighborhoods." Going on ride-alongs and attending first Tuesday's at Southeast area command with those sworn to "Protect and Serve" Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, "I've seen first hand how many calls our officers go on during a shift and how they put their lives at risk ensuring our safety in our neighborhoods."

Covering up graffiti, Clark County provides the paint and Richard provides the muscle! Along with other members of the community making our neighborhoods look nice. Over 30 million a year is spent for graffiti abatement, which covering up doesn't solve the problem, this is why we need to make taggers accountable for their actions.