Our choices for Assembly

Our choices for Assembly
There are 29 contested county elections for the Legislature’s lower house

Wed, Oct 13, 2010 (2:01 a.m.)

State lawmakers will be facing a budget shortfall of up to $3 billion when they head to Carson City early next year for their biennial session. Voters will need people in office who can work quickly to find ways to balance the budget without gutting services people desperately need during the economic downturn.

There are 29 Assembly seats representing Clark County, and all are contested.

District 1: Democratic Assemblywoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick has served in office since 2004. The chairwoman of the Government Affairs Committee, Kirkpatrick has been a strong performer. The Sun endorses Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

District 2: Democrat David Lerner is challenging conservative Republican incumbent John Hambrick, who was elected in 2008. Lerner, a retired bank executive, held public office in New Jersey and is a thoughtful candidate with moderate views. Lerner would get our endorsement if not for his belief that Nevada should stop opposing the federal government’s plans to put a nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain. The state is close to killing the project once and for all, and elected leaders need to stand firm to protect Nevada. The Sun makes no endorsement in this race.

District 3: Assemblywoman Peggy Pierce, a Democrat, is a three-term incumbent who is a hard worker and has a strong understanding of the issues facing the state. The Sun endorses Peggy Pierce.

District 4: Democrat Gary Fisher is challenging Republican incumbent Richard McArthur, who was elected in 2008. Fisher, a university professor and educational psychologist, is a good candidate — he’s motivated, well-versed and brings new ideas. The Sun endorses Gary Fisher.

District 5: Democratic Assemblywoman Marilyn Dondero Loop was elected in 2008 and had a solid freshman term. A retired educator and lifelong Nevadan, she brings good experience and perspective to the Legislature. The Sun endorses Marilyn Dondero Loop.

District 6: Democratic incumbent Harvey Munford, a retired teacher, has done an excellent job serving his constituents since his first election in 2004. The Sun endorses Harvey Munford.

District 7: Dina Neal, a Democrat who works for a nonprofit organization, knows the issues and the district. She has no shortage of ideas, and Neal is the best candidate for this open seat. The Sun endorses Dina Neal.

District 8: Democrat Jason Frierson rises to the top in the race to replace term-limited Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley. He is well-versed, has worked on legislative issues and has been active in the community. The Sun endorses Jason Frierson.

District 9: Democratic incumbent Tick Segerblom is a native Nevadan, has a long history of public service and has a solid record in his two terms in the Assembly. The Sun endorses Tick Segerblom.

District 10: Democratic Assemblyman Joe Hogan, who is retired from a federal government career that included work for the Navy and NASA, has performed ably in his three terms in office. The Sun endorses Joe Hogan.

District 11: Democrat Olivia Diaz is a teacher and native Nevadan. She knows the issues and has put good thought into finding solutions, especially on education. The Sun endorses Olivia Diaz.

District 12: Democratic Assemblyman James Ohrenschall, who has a noteworthy track record in his two terms, has an excellent understanding of the issues and sensible ideas about moving the state forward. The Sun endorses James Ohrenschall.

District 13: Louis Desalvio stands out in the race for this open seat. A moderate Democrat with a strong work ethic, Desalvio understands the community and its needs. The Sun endorses Louis Desalvio.

District 14: Democrat Maggie Carlton served in the state Senate for 12 years but must leave because of term limits. With the knowledge and ability to get things done, the former chairwoman of the Commerce and Labor Committee would be a great addition to the Assembly. The Sun endorses Maggie Carlton.

District 15: Democrat Elliot Anderson is a former Marine Corps machine-gunner. Although a political newcomer, he has a nice command of the issues and would be well-suited for the Legislature. The Sun endorses Elliot Anderson.

District 16: Assembly Majority Leader John Oceguera, a Democrat, has an built an admirable record since his first election in 2000. A skillful lawmaker, he is poised to become speaker next session. The Sun endorses John Oceguera.

District 17: Democratic Assemblyman Kelvin Atkinson has built a strong record since he was first elected in 2002 and remains the best choice. The Sun endorses Kelvin Atkinson.

District 18: Democrat Richard Carrillo has shown himself to be a tireless worker who understands the district and its needs. The Sun endorses Richard Carrillo.

District 19: Democrat Steven Brooks is a liaison for the Las Vegas City Council and has served as chairman of the Las Vegas Urban League. He is the best candidate for the open seat. The Sun endorses Steven Brooks.

District 20: Democrat Lynn Goya has the edge in the race for this open seat. She is thoughtful, smart and open to new ideas to solve the state’s problems. The Sun endorses Lynn Goya.

District 21: Democratic Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel had a strong first term. A consultant and small-business owner, she has been very active in the community. The Sun endorses Ellen Spiegel.

District 22: Since Republican Assemblyman Lynn Stewart took office in 2006, he has shown an admirable streak of independence, breaking with his party on some key votes. We don’t always agree with Stewart, but he has represented his district well. The Sun endorses Lynn Stewart.

District 23: Republican Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury, a teacher, was first elected in 2008. Although we differ with her in several areas, she has done a solid job representing her district. The Sun endorses Melissa Woodbury.

District 28: Democrat Lucy Flores is the top choice for the open seat in District 28. Flores is an impressive candidate and has an excellent command of the issues. The Sun endorses Lucy Flores.

District 29: In her first term, Democratic Assemblywoman April Mastroluca showed herself to be a strong advocate for education and for her district. The Sun endorses April Mastroluca.

District 34: First elected in 2002, Democratic Assemblyman William Horne has been an effective lawmaker and has taken leadership roles. He brings a good perspective to the Legislature and should be re-elected. The Sun endorses William Horne.

District 37: Democratic Assemblyman Marcus Conklin, a financial analyst, quickly rose in leadership since his first election in 2002. He has forged a commendable record and, among other things, has worked to help protect consumers. The Sun endorses Marcus Conklin.

District 41: Democratic Assemblyman Paul Aizley, a retired university professor and dean, had a busy first term, introducing and sponsoring a spate of legislation, including bills that would add consumer protections. The Sun endorses Paul Aizley.

District 42: Democrat Irene Bustamante Adams, a former gaming executive, has strong business experience and skills that would be a benefit to the Legislature. The Sun endorses Irene Bustamante Adams.